Finding a Place for Peace in My Home – Pakistan

Badr Hashemi (BH)

  1. I often wondered as to why do the tens of dozens of Pakistanis hold on to the Graceful Silky-Black Covering of the Ka’abah, every time I witnessed, submitting passionately with eyes overflowing in a stream of tears: ‘Ya Allah! Pakistan ki Hifazat ferma.’ Personal desires and wishes for the family took a secondary place. I would observe that individuals of no other ethnicity expressed these sentiments while being in that posture of worshipful devotion.
  2. I gradually developed more insight into this exceptional phenomenon. I discovered that more than three-quarters of Pakistan’s population has grown in an environment of ‘uncertainty’ about the Nationhood. There were, and there are, factors and forces that have been assigned to work on and against Pakistan since 1947; both endogenous as well as exogenous.  It is like the situation so aptly sketched out in Q-06:112.
  3. 1965 was a ‘Writing on the Wall’; 1971 was a ‘Red Light Signal’; 2014 seems to be a ‘Red Alarm’. The Alarm Bells are loud and clear. These are heard far and wide. These are impacting the Stock Market, the Commodity Market, the Money Market, the Real Estate Market. These are creating a chain of mafia. We are fast becoming a decaying society: unclad of morality, ethics and law. Statistical graph of cases of abduction, kidnapping, ransom, robberies, street crime, gang rapes, murder, etc. is galloping. The cases of strife, bombing, suicide attacks on institutions, infrastructure, places of worship, markets and bazaars make me often contemplate whether this country of 180 million Muslims, one of the largest Muslim concentration in the World, is in the midst of Divine Wrath - the Wrath that engulfed nations with sufferings, famines, poverty, anarchy and extinction: Q. 26:105-209.
  4. The 180 million Muslims of Pakistan pay taxes in the expectation of getting peace and security to their persons, honour, business and property. The shortfall in expectations appears to be fast increasing and so are the populace frustrations. Once the level of frustrations crosses a psychological barrier, the end reality would be bitterly painful.
  5. We are in a situation of grave abnormalities. We are to save the nation-state. This demands an exceptionally bold and robust strategy. The Leadership, wherever it exists, in the political parties, the religious parties, the armed forces, the intellectuals, the media, the judiciary, the business, must unite to salvage the nation from its pain and agony. Let us not allow the insurgents, whatever title they take, to rule our lives, terrorize us, take us hostage, and demoralize us. We have to fight them with resolve and steadfastness! We must win for our survival!!
  6. There is an urgent need to put in place an effective National Salvage Package that may, inter alia, comprise the following:
            1. Our fight-to-win must be a blend of innovative use of brute military power backed by resolute political will.
            2. The enemy within us is making us bleed as much as is the insurgency. This must be contained by declaring a state of emergency without promulgation of a State of Emergency.  
            3. When human lives are being bathed in blood, the people have to compromise on the level of personal freedom. India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Turkey, the UK and the United States, etc. issued Executive Orders and enacted specific Laws to enclave the space for Personal Freedom, Freedom of Expression and the Right of Access to Information.
            4. The media - print, electronic and social – must not carry news and shots that portray any ‘success story’ of terrorists. The media persons, locals and foreign, must not be allowed access to areas and information which are considered militarily sensitive. Instead, the media should be made effective as well as offensive: effective as a warfare tool, and offensive to journalistic sensibilities. Winning the information war is as imperative as gaining a military victory.
            5. The ISPR should be the only agency to release news about War. This would virtually eliminate the possibility of any other source giving news to the information-hungry media.
            6. Simultaneously, Taliban blogs and websites must be blocked and so should be of all pro-Taliban parties, groups and individuals.
            7. The Armed Forces must not be made a subject of media gossip and political circus.  An Executive Order must place a firewall around all statements, speeches, propaganda, talk shows, discussions, column writings, editorials, processions, and bill boards for or against the Armed Forces.
            8. Politically-turned religious parties, religious groups and individual religionists that publically support the ‘Cause of Taliban’ must neither get access to the media, nor allowed to hold public/private processions, meetings and speeches. Instead, all these together with Tableeghi Jama’at, Jama’at Da’wah and the other outfits should be asked to motivate people towards a socially responsible behavior, encourage religious values, and inculcate higher standards of morality on which the Prophet of Allah so profoundly emphasized.
            9. A very large number of non-Pakistanis have deeply seeped into our social fabric. There must be an immediate ban on ownership of every property and any business by non-nationals. This should also cover the demographic shift from the ‘un-settled areas’ to ‘settled areas’ which is likely to become ‘nursery’ for political strife and terrorism in the heartland where every street may become a battle ground.
            10. Blocking the inflow of money and weapons for the insurgents should be considered a very high priority. The Agencies should have the knowledge of the hands that dole out these. Let those hands be known to the public. Let us cut hands of the enemy and not nourish it through ‘Aman ki Aasha’.
  7. Let us save Pakistan.
  8. Let us say: Pakistan Zindabad!

16th May 2014