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Veiling the Attitudes & Hemline

2nd Mar 2015

The Qur'an has a vision to create a society, where men and women respect one another and help one another to achieve nearness to Allah . The Qur’anic teachings of haya and other 'family values' are intended to save the family structure of the human race where men and women do not need to compromise their dignity,...

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Transliteration, Transcription and Sound Equivalents

2nd Feb 2015 is a mechanism to represent letters or words of one alphabet into the corresponding characters of another alphabet. However, no transliteration can exactly express the vocal difference between two languages. Besides, the inability of the characters of one language representing ...

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Finding a Place for Peace in My Home – Pakistan

16th May 2014

1. I often wondered as to why do the tens of dozens of Pakistanis hold on to the Graceful Silky-Black Covering of the Ka'abah, every time I witnessed, submitting passionately with eyes overflowing in a stream of tears: 'Ya Allah! Pakistan ki Hifazat ferma.' Personal desires and wishes for the family took a secondary place. I would observe that individuals of no other ethnicity expressed these ...

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Islām by Force – Case of Pakistan

30th May 2014

Paper presented at the Rasool-e-Wahdat Conference under the auspices of Al-Quran-el-Hakeem Research Foundation,
01st March 2014, International Islamic University, Islamabad...

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