30 Lectures for 30 days of Ramadan

Spiritual Nuggets



The Prophet (ﷺ) would never find fault with food. If he desired it, he would eat. If he disliked it, he would leave it.


There is no God but God (Allah – i.e. there is none worthy of worship but Allah), and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.


The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) stated the following: “The place of prayer (salah) in religion is like the place of the head in the body.”


“And establish prayer and give zakat, and whatever good you put forward for yourselves – you will find it with Allah.” (2:110, Qur'an)


The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “(The performance of) ‘Umrah during Ramadan is equal to Hajj (pilgrimage).” Or said, “Equal to the performance of Hajj with me.”


(Allah says about the fasting person), ' The fast is for Me. So I will reward (the fasting person) for it and the reward of good deeds is multiplied ten times."


Dr. S.M. Jafar

Pakistan Science Foundation

This is the most profound scholarly work of Brother Badr Hashemi. His monumental translation and annotation serves as a matchless aid to understanding the Holy Book of Isl... Read More

Muhammad Zahirul Hassan, Ph.D

Portage, MI. USA

The entire paradigm of rendering something in translation be of Holy Qur’an or any Heavenly Revealed Scripture is immensely a daunting adventure. Yet neither do we feel su... Read More

Prof. Wathiq Ahmed Khan

National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad

Brother Badr Hashemi has included himself in the honorable list of writers on the Qur’an. He has devoted his exceptional talents and energies to this labor of love for sev... Read More

Dr. Mobeena Ihsan

Inter-Faith Moderator, New York, USA

Writing a tafseer of the Qur’an is hard work and doing so in the form of an encyclopedia that encompasses all three of the major religions of the world while drawing paral... Read More

Professor Dr. Sohail Hasan

International Islamic University, Islamabad

Brother Badr Hashemi has devoted care and attention to the tone and approach of the Exegesis of The Qur’an/Tafseer which is non-sectarian, true to the spiritual intent of... Read More

Prof. Dr. Justice Muhammad Al-Ghazali

Supreme Court of Pakistan

Brother Badr Hashemi has dedicated several years to translate the Qur’anic Arabic text into easy lucid English. He has also laboured hard to write informative footnotes th... Read More

Kh. Zaheer Ahmed

Formerly Secretary to the Government of Pakistan

Masha Allah my learned brother Dr. Badr Hashemi has accomplished this landmark Treatise - The Qur’an: Treasure of the Faith of Islam. Based on an exhaustive review of a va... Read More

Professor F. Muhammad Malik, S.I.

Former Rector, International Islamic University, Islamabad.

English Translation and Paraphrasing of the Qur’an by Dr. Badr Hashemi is not just another addition to the pool of intellectual thought process, it is a piece of distingui... Read More

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